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30Kg Adjustable Weighted Training Vest

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This adjustable weighted vest is just what you need to enhance and maximize your fitness training.

Our 30kg adjusted weighted vest is the ultimate in design. The vest pocket accommodates the temporary storage of your phone, multi-media device or Gym Boss during your workout. The nylon vest features extra padding and includes sand-filled bags for individual weight requirements. These weight bags can be added or removed for customization of individual fitness routines.

By adding resistance that mimics body weight, our vest enhances training programs without compromising bio-mechanics. The vest is suitable for a wide-range of fitness routines including plyometric drills and body weight exercises.

Our vest has been tested by professionals for safety and strength. It features padded shoulders for comfort and safety. This durable vest can be adjusted for individual exercise needs and programs.  The double internal stitching ensures durability.

The weighted vest features 1000gm x 30 soft weights. As a further safety precaution, the vest is equipped with a dual belt and triple Velcro secure harness system. 

Our must-have weighted vest is a stand-out among its competitors. Order one today!


Adjustable weight

Padded shoulders

Internal double stitching

Safety features


30kg weighted vest

1000gm x 30 soft weights

Size: 30kg

Package contents:

1x 30Kg Adjustable Weighted Training Vest