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Core Trainer Fitness Training

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This fantastic new training gym provides you with a wide range of fitness and workout options. You can use the system to improve shoulder stability, increase core and upper body strength and mobility as well as developed overall core stability. Simply put, our Kettlebell Fitness Training Gym is all you need for full-body fitness.

Our Fitness Training Gym has a cutting-edge design. It provides an innovative approach to functional strengthening through its torso rotation training. Simple to use, you begin by merely inserting the end of a barbell into the sleeve. With its unique multi-directional swivel, you are then poised to complete a variety of rotation reps including shrugs, choppers, one-arm rows and one-arm dead lifts to name just a few. To increase resistance, more weights can be added as required. 


2 bar slots

52mm for Olympic bar

25mm for standard bar

V-shape handle for Olympic bar included

Package Content:

1x Core Trainer Fitness Training