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Premium Rigid Sports Strapping Tape - 30 Rolls of 38mm X 13.7M

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Strong, aggressive adhesive and durable fabric for a variety of wrappings!

Our Rigid Sports Strapping Tape is made from strong woven fabric and aggressive adhesive - which means fewer re-tapes and less worries about the tape coming apart or undone. After an assessment with your physiotherapist, this is ideal for:

stabilise or support the injury

pain-relief via a de-loading of the vulnerable or painful structures 

or to facilitate normal movement, muscles or postural patterns. 

Three rolls are included in your order, each measuring 38mm wide by 13.7 metres long. The tape can be torn by hand or cut with scissors to the desired length. The tape's woven rayon fabric is tough and durable, a feature which is especially important for sports activities. The rubber-based blown zinc oxide adhesive is extremely strong and will tolerate plenty of strenuous movements. And with the tape's ability to unwind smoothly and evenly from the roll, the tape is easy to apply and it moulds to the body well.

Don't trust your wrappings to inferior products. Purchase the Rigid Sports Strapping Tape x 30 Rolls today!


Woven rayon fabric that's tough and durable

Rubber-based blown zinc oxide adhesive for all-day adhesion

30 rolls; each roll measures 38mm wide x 13.7 metres long

Serrated edges that are tearable by hand

Handles easily and moulds to the body well; unwinds from the roll smoothly

Fabric weight: 130g/m2

Adhesion: 300gf/cm

Unrolling tension: 250gf/cm maximum

Colour: flesh

Apply to skin free from dirt, oil, sweat and hair

Recommended storage: a cool, dry place without direct sunlight

NOTE: Product contains natural rubber latex. Do not use if allergic to latex. Test a small area if unsure, and immediately discontinue use if any skin irritation develops.

Package Content:

1 x Premium Rigid Sports Strapping Tape - 30 Rolls of 38mm X 13.7M